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Let's Create Space for You

Hi, I’m Sonya Fehér, an organizer & coach. I launched spaceWise in 2010 to help organize people’s homes. Though I definitely help with that, as I worked with clients, it became clear that it’s not just about physical stuff. Over the years, people asked for help organizing their time, creating systems, changing their habits, and ultimately organizing their lives.

My clients wanted to be happier not only in their homes, but in their bodies and health, in their work, how they spent their money and time, with people they had in their lives – whether it was being able to have guests over or making time for relationships.

People talk about how to live the life you want but I find that most aren’t so clear about what that life actually is. It certainly includes feeling that we have enough, that we are and do enough. It might mean figuring out what to let go of or add, or exploring different areas of life to determine where your needs are being met or what it would take for them to be met.

I help my clients let go of what no longer serves them and create space for what’s important through coaching, organizing, or a combination of both. You can learn more about my services by clicking below or book a free discovery call with me and we’ll figure it out together. I’m here to help you create space for you.

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How Can I Help?

I can support you in creating solutions for your real (not your ideal) self so that you can do what you want to do without changing who you are.