Necklace storage and displayA few times a year, you may become painfully aware that your jewelry is hard to find, see, or otherwise unorganized. This happens frequently at Hallmark holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or other gifty occasions. The flowers and chocolate don’t need a permanent place, but the jewelry does.

Whether your collection was built up over years of gifts or you just happen to love earrings, bracelets or necklaces, you eventually need a storage solution. I’m a huge fan of storing jewelry so you can see it, in a beautiful display.

Read on for storage solutions that range from less than $5 -$130.  Only one of them requires wall anchors or finding a stud (pun intended) for installation.

6 Beautiful Ways to Store and Display Your Jewelry

1. Necklace and Bracelet Hangers

The above hanger rails come in sets of four with 12 hooks each.  Hang them with included adhesive or with nails, if your jewelry is on the heavy side. They’re a simple solution that lets you use any wall or the inside of a cabinet or jewelry chest door to store necklaces and bracelets so they’re easy to see and keep untangled.

2. Crystal Command Hooks

If you’re looking for something with a little more bling, you might want crystal command hooks instead of simple necklace rails. While necklace trees seem like a good idea, they frequently turn into the jumble of jewelry.   This tangle turned to wall display with crystal command knob racks, Command crystal hooks, and clear V pegs. You can arrange by type of metal, stone, primary color of the piece, or length.

Necklaces hanging from wall hooks

Jewelry storage

3. Velvet Jewelry Trays

In the pic above, you’ll notice stacking gray trays, which can be used for all types of jewelry. Get an open tray or grids for watches, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, and more. The most common colors are gray and black, but if you’re looking for something else, it won’t take much searching. Bracelets in velvet storage tray

This pillow grid for watches and bracelets sits in a glass topped drawer in the closet peninsula.

4. Wall Mount Jewelry Holder

Wall mount jewelry holder with earrings and necklaces

This wall mounted jewelry holder stores and displays your jewelry. Use in the bathroom, bedroom, closet or dressing area. It’ll store almost anything with slots for hanging earrings, holes for studs, and pegs for necklaces or bracelets. Organize by type of metal, length, color of bead, or by how you’d wear them – to work, at night, casual jewelry, or your own category.

5. Earring Doily Display

Earrings on lace in hoop

Maybe you’ve got doilies that were hand tatted or crocheted by someone in your family. Use them in an embroidery hoop and hang them on the wall to turn your earrings into a fun and functional wall display.

6. Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry stored in mirror armoire

This jewelry armoire has a locking mirror, ring cushion, hooks for necklaces and earrings, a rod for bracelets, some very shallow shelves, and even a couple of small drawers. It mounts on the wall or a door, though I recommend a wall, since the weight over time can cause doors to become a little wonky.

Weekend Project Anyone?

Start by sorting through your jewelry.

Your next step is to choose how to store what you’re keeping. You may use some of the display solutions above, closed storage solutions like jewelry boxes, chests, safes, safety deposit boxes, or a combination. Choose something that fits your style.

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