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How to Organize Your Family’s Summer with a Summer Fun Board

Summer Fun board with lists of people to see, places to go, and things to do

Summer offers many organizational challenges: inconsistent schedules, summer trips, sunset at 9 p.m., camps, playdates, and more. It also gives us a chance to spend more time with the kids, which we hope can be fun instead of a struggle. When you organize your summer, summer fun is more likely. It’s summer solstice, a few […]

How to Declutter Kids’ School Papers in 7 Steps

Kids’ school papers fall into the problematic “it’s special” category. People often keep kids’ papers without actually evaluating what their future purpose will be. They also may keep every single paper rather than being selective about what’s actually special.  You can read more about what you’re supposed to do with kids’ papers – whether to […]

What Are You Supposed to Do with School Papers?

School papers come home in bags and piles the last couple of weeks of school. Artwork, worksheets, stories, journals, and more more more. What are you supposed to do with it all? Stuff it in the back of your kids’ closet? Keep everything? Throw it all away? Options for What to Do with School Papers […]

Banish Paper Piles in Three Simple Steps

Do you have paper piles on your counters, dining table, and any other available flat surface? Believe it or not, getting on track with mail and paper does not have to be complicated. Here is the three-step process I teach to just about all of my clients. I highly recommend it. Pick the time Create […]

6 Beautiful Ways to Store & Display Your Jewelry

A few times a year, you may become painfully aware that your jewelry is hard to find, see, or otherwise unorganized. This happens frequently at Hallmark holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or other gifty occasions. The flowers and chocolate don’t need a permanent place, but the jewelry does. Whether your collection was built up over years […]

Make a Multipurpose Guest Room

Could your guest room have a vacancy sign posted outside? Guest rooms often remain empty for months of the year even as people are searching for usable space in their homes. Don’t limit your guest room to guests only. It’s in your house and you can use it the 48 – 50 weeks of the […]

Get Ready for the Holidays with One In, One Out

One in, one out is one of my favorite organizing principles. What does one in, one out mean?  For every one thing you bring into your house, you should move one out. It’s a great way of maintaining your space once you’ve decluttered. It’s also a great strategy for getting your home to the stage […]

Get Your Guest Room Organized

The holidays make it more likely that guests will come to visit. Your guest room may only be used two weeks a year, but winter break probably makes up at least one of the weeks, with summer holding court for the other. Get your guest room guest ready for your upcoming visitors with these handy lists. […]

Prep Your Pantry for Cooking Holidays

Organizing your pantry before cooking holidays is a small project with a big payoff.  The holiday season asks a lot of pantries. You may be baking cookies and pies, serving big meals, or hosting out of town guests. Having expired food, jumbled categories, and stuffed shelves makes the holidays harder.  Here are five steps to […]

Get Your Teen Organized By Creating Routines

Your school-aged kids and teens are close to midterm time and you’ve probably got a sense of what’s working or isn’t in your family’s school year routines. Courtney Harris of Courtney Harris Coaching is the author of this week’s guest post on the importance of routines for teenagers. She and I will be co-leading a workshop […]