Canvas pocket organizers are one of my favorite organizing tools. You can use them in any closet for things you might never have imagined! You’re probably thinking shoes or sweaters. Those are definitely the most typical uses and canvas organizers are great for those, but they work to help organize entryways, kids’ rooms, craft supplies, offices, and clothes

Entry closet with canvas pocket organizers
Entry Closet for Kids
Kids Closet with Canvas Picket Organizers
Kid’s Closet
Clothing Accessories in Canvas Pocket Organizers
Accessory Storage
Office Organizing in Canvas Pocket Organizer
Office Supplies
Yarn in Canvas Pocket Organizer
Yarn Separated by Color
  1.  Craft supplies can be unwieldy, especially yarn. If you’ve got a huge stash, you can organize it by color, by project, or any way you like.
  2. Many of my clients prefer writing desks that don’t have a lot of drawers. It makes for a more spacious office but can leave them without much storage. Rather than keeping everything out on your desk, you can use a canvas organizer to store scissors, hole punch, stapler and staples, thumbtacks, binder and paper clips, tape, post it notes and more.
  3. In a clothes closet, your lint roller, hats, belts, scarves, and gloves live nicely in canvas pocket organizers.
  4. In a kid’s closet, there may be some random categories that would get lost in a dresser, but which you want to make sure your child can find. Swimsuits and goggles could live in closet organizer as could painting clothes that you wouldn’t want your child wearing to school, but that you keep for art and house projects. You might even put clothes that your child is waiting to grow into, off season clothes, or a sports uniform.
  5. Helping kids out of the house is made easier by a pocket organizer. In this one, find a hat, sunglasses, jacket, phone, shoes, and a pair of socks. The organizer is deep enough that you could store a bunch of socks, headphones, a watch, or whatever else your child might need on the way out the door but not carry in a backpack.

I’ve featured the narrow canvas organizers here, but the wide ones have great uses too. They can separate linens and hold a set of sheets and pillowcases per section. For guest towels, hand towels, and washcloths that don’t need to live in the bathroom all the time, a pocket organizer can be a great help. I definitely recommend the canvas organizers because their texture isn’t slippery so what you store in them stays in them.

I’d love to hear what happens when you try this at home and what uses you find for pocket organizers. Let me know in the comments or on the spaceWise Organizing Facebook page. You can post your pics there too!

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