Use Pinterest to Organize Nine Ways

I recently discovered an amazing tool for working with my organizing clients: Pinterest group boards.  If you’re not doing it already, use Pinterest to organize. Whether you’re currently working on an organizing or design project or you’re making a wish list for the future, I highly recommend that you add Pinterest to your planning tools. […]

20+ Ideas for What to Do with Kids’ Art

Pics of puzzle bookmark collage and jewelry made from kids art

What can you do with children’s artwork? Most of my organizing clients just aren’t sure what to do with their kids’ creations. Neither are most parents. There’s so much of it.  Some of it is beautiful. Other pieces are markers in time: a handprint, the first collage of shapes your child made after mastering scissors, the […]

5 Easy Way to Display Your Kids’ Art Work

5 Easy Ways to Display Kids' Art

Kids’ art creates an organizing and home design challenge. The sheer volume of it from the time your child is old enough to fingerpaint through elementary school and sometimes beyond requires an organizing plan. Otherwise, you have artwork piled up or stored in various bins,  your walls and your refrigerator are plastered with pictures, paintings, […]

Try This: Organize Your Earrings

Organizing earrings doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Many jewelry boxes and displays don’t have enough space for a large earring collection, so you end up putting more than one pair in each section and still have to dig through. Maybe you’ve got the perfect jewelry box but it’s not expandable so your […]

Organizing Photo Test

When I do phone consultations with clients, they’ll often send me photos of the room we’re working on. A consultation yesterday reminded me of an organizing strategy I should share with you. So you’ve finished organizing something. It could be your closet, your office, or the tools in your garage. Try the organizing photo test. […]

spaceWise Reads: HGTV Magazine

One of the things I’m grateful for this year is HGTV Magazine. I found the October/November 2011 premiere issue at the grocery checkout stand and promptly subscribed. I absolutely recommend you do the same. Zinio describes HGTV Magazine as being “about real life at home. In every issue you’ll find money-saving mini makeovers, simple ways […]

spaceWise Reads: The Things That Matter

The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus was released this past Tuesday. Berkus was a featured design expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show and then hosted his own daytime talk show for two seasons. His work has been featured in Elle Decor, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, House Beautiful. His first book, Home Rules: Transform the […]