What Do You Need to Create the Life You Want?

Dart hitting Target Happiness

It’s hard to hit a target if you don’t know what it is. Creating the life you want starts with defining what that life looks like. Create Space for the Life You Want One of the biggest areas of focus with my organizing clients is how to create space for the lives they want. Sometimes […]

Looking for Financial Aid? Get Organized First

One of the first things you must do before applying for financial aid is get organized. Applying for student aid may seem as easy as filling out a FAFSA or applying for a loan with a private lender, but organizing this process will help you save money on your education. After graduation, you will be […]

Time Organizing for Your Whole Life

Time Management

Time organizing allows you to manage your time so that you get to what’s most important. To do this, get your to do lists onto your calendar as appointments. This way, you schedule tasks rather than leaving them as an ongoing to do that never gets done. Getting your to-do’s on a calendar is a great […]

Calm Your Space, Calm Your Mind

This time of year gets cluttered very quickly. First, our schedule gets messy. Banks, post offices, and schools close so our time is disrupted. It snows. Maybe the schools call for a snow day or the house just gets an extra layer of water and mud to clean. More stuff keeps coming into the house, […]