Organize Your Bills

In my last post, I advised that you opt-out of mailings to reduce paper coming into your home. This week, I want you to take it one step further. Go paperless. Why should you go paperless? Besides helping the environment and decreasing the chances of identity theft, you’ll reduce paper clutter, stop having so many […]

Make Back to School Less Brutal with Checklists for Kids

It’s back to school time and the transition can be brutal. Remembering what to take out of the house, getting stuff done once you’re home, and getting to bed on time can feel harder at this time of year than any other. Make your family’s life easier by creating checklists. Checklists for What? Introducing checklists […]

5 Meal Prep Strategies to Simplify Your Life

Meal prep can be time consuming, messy, and stressful. If you aren’t organized about it, preparing food often happens at the last minute, when you’re hungry and tired. Organized meal prep is much easier when you’ve set yourself up to have everything you need. Three steps will get you there. Make a meal list. Turn your […]

Menu Planning to Make Your Food Prep Easier

Menu planning is a great strategy for making the most of your time and money. A menu keeps you from throwing away food you bought, but never had time to prep. It also helps you put together a variety of meals to please your palate. Before you sit down to plan your menu, you’ll want […]

Save Money & Time with Organized Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is an activity most people do more frequently than they’d like. Every time you end up at the store without your list or forget to put an ingredient on the list in the first place, you lose time. Multiple trips to the store make it more likely that you’ll spend more money too. These […]

Make A Meal List

We eat all of the time. Multiple times. Every day. But how many of us have a meal list to remind us what we like to eat and keep us out of a food rut? Five Reasons to Organize Your Meal Planning Without some systems around meals, you waste money, time, and food. How? It’s hard […]