Ready for Something More?​

Combining organizing and coaching, I help you get to enough – a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, comfort, completeness – the life you want and your purpose for being here. You can have a life you love. Let’s create space for you.

Sonya Feher in front of colorful mural

Coaching Services

As a strategic intervention and transformational coach, I’m here to help you uncover what you really want, why you want it, and how to get there. If you already know what you’d like and need help making it happen, I’m here for that too. You might like private, group, or business coaching, or a combination.

Private Coaching

Life coaching can work for one or many aspects of your life. We’ll explore your happiness levels in key areas, then we’ll focus on what is calling for attention or will make the greatest impact.  

As your coach, I’ll provide tools, accountability, and support to determine what you want and help you get there. Life coaching might encompass any or all of the following:

  • Your thoughts and behaviors
  • Daily routines (or lack thereof)
  • Life circumstances
  • Living environment
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Work
  • and more..

Group Coaching


Group coaching offers a short-term intensive coaching experience in a small group, which offers both the benefit of the coaching process and the collective wisdom, momentum, and accountability that come from the group. 

Group topics vary and may focus on a particular topic, life stage, goal, or framework. In all groups, you will gain deeper awareness around key issues and get tools to take action. 

Groups meet virtually and may be:

  • Three-month bi-weekly groups, or
  • Six-week intensive weekly group, or
  • Alternating weeks of 1-on-1 and group coaching
See current groups here.

Solopreneur Business Coaching

The best advice I got when I started my organizing business was that if I was going to be my own boss, I shouldn’t be a jerk boss. That’s the foundation of how I work with my business coaching clients. 

Whether you’re just launching or you want to take your business to the next level, we’ll start where you are and work together to get clear on your goals and create a path to reach them. We might explore any or all of the following:

  • Vision: Ideal work, client, schedule, income
  • Developing or refining your methodology and service offerings
  • Mindset and confidence
  • Goal setting, accountability, and time management

Client Testimonials

“Sonya is an incredible wealth of knowledge and shares so much! I am always learning from her. As a coach she is my Guru and takes the time to walk me through my stumbling blocks so that I can grow. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without her guidance.”
Eryn Moreau
“As a coach, Sonya helped reframe situations, shedding new light and building on my strengths, which empowered me in challenging situations. She listened to me and offered constructive, non-judgmental guidance with gentleness and wisdom. She helped me recognize patterns, explore outcomes in relation to my goals, and open up new paths. Sonya's insight is a gift and I highly recommend her.”
S. G.
“I find myself in the common position of managing multiple jobs and children with demanding schedules with very little outside support. Implementing her timewise method, Sonya guided me through a comprehensive inventory of my schedule and how it compared with my priorities. With her help I was able to determine ways to find more time for myself and use the time I had for work and with the children more effectively. It completely shifted the tenor of my days from frenetic to clear. This was a massive gift of an experience.”
Estelle Laure
“Sonya is a gem. As a coach she is especially inspiring and helpful. I always feel like my time and money has been wisely spent upon completing a session with her. She is extremely easy to connect with and trust, and I always look forward to being in her presence.
Christi McLaren