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How are you doing this holiday season? It’s a quick jump from Thanksgiving — being grateful and saying thanks — to Black Friday and Cyber Monday where the message from everywhere is to shop and consume. As an organizer, I can tell you, that consumption adds up to a lot of clutter. That’s why I created the December Gratitude Challenge.

December Gratitude Challenge

December Gratitude Challenge Calendar with promptsThis December, let’s join together in being grateful for what we have instead of just focusing on what we want — or worrying about buying what someone else might or might not want.

Join me for the month of December as we celebrate what we’re grateful for each day. You can download the Gratitude Challenge here. Post to social media based on each day’s theme and be part of a thankful community. I hope you’ll join us!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily reminders and see what others are posting. We can help each other remember what we’re grateful for, and celebrate what we have together with #spaceforgratitude.

Clutter-Producing Holidays

Gift boxes wrapped in silver paper I’m often called in after big gift-giving holidays to help clients get rid of things that they were given as gifts and feel an obligation to keep so as not to hurt other’s feelings, or guilt about wanting to get rid of things they never would have purchased themselves. The presents they or their family bought for kids are also a challenge. There are so many toys there’s not space to store it all. This can turn into clean-up fights or kids not being able to enjoy their toys because they’re overwhelmed with stuff.

What if the first step in organizing didn’t have to be decluttering? What if we thought before we bought so that we’re not adding to others’ clutter or to our own? 

Conscious Consumers

There’s great power in looking around at what we have. When we notice what we love and what supports the life we want, we’re not as likely to shop for things we’ll regret later. We don’t ask for or buy presents just for the sake of having a gift to unwrap. Noticing what we have helps us be more conscious consumers so that if we’re getting gifts for ourselves or others, we’re not buying for the sake of buying. We’re truly considering what is worth adding to someone’s life. Download the December Gratitude Challenge to help remind you what you have to be grateful for, and to support you in being a more conscious consumer this holiday season.

Contact Me

If you’d like help organizing and decluttering, or you’d like some help enjoying the life you have, I’m available for home organizing and I lead happiness groups for women that provide both support and accountability as people learn how to be happier with the lives they have and create space for what they really want. Contact me if you’re interested in more details and to tell me about what kind of help you need.