Small Lace Emroidery HoopOrganizing earrings doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Many jewelry boxes and displays don’t have enough space for a large earring collection, so you end up putting more than one pair in each section and still have to dig through. Maybe you’ve got the perfect jewelry box but it’s not expandable so your earring collection is limited to the number of slots you’ve got. Because you’ll never find a match for that beautiful jewelry box, you’ve stopped buying jewelry, or you buy it but end up storing earrings in white cardboard boxes, jewelry bags, the plastic jewelry hangers that you put on the back of a door. The likelihood is that you haven’t seen some of your earrings in so long, you barely remember them.

The first step, as probably won’t surprise you, is to look through your collection and decide what to keep. What do you love? What would you wear if you could find it? What can you let go?

Lace Emroidery HoopOnce you’ve determined what you want to keep, try this beautiful and fun way to organize your earrings so they’re easy to find, attractive, and you have the option to expand as your collection does.

The other benefit is that you’re not taking up counter space with jewelry boxes. Rather than keeping lace in storage for all but holiday dinners, you have a way to use a family heirloom that honors it and serves you. And you have a unique and functional piece of art.

What you’ll need:

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