spaceWise frequently asked questions - FAQHow do I know you’re the right organizer for me?

Working with an organizer is pretty intimate work. Your organizer will be in your house, your closet, your drawers. You’ll want to like and trust them. In the same way you’d choose a therapist or coach, you want an organizer that feels like a good personality fit and someone who knows about the issues you’re facing.

I primarily work with women, families (parents, kids, wives, husbands – individually or together), and creatives. I am a mom, writer, former English teacher, and an avid crafter and gardener who meditates, does yoga, and loves to read and cook. To learn more about all of my qualifications and spaceWise as a business, check out my About page. If you’re feeling like we’d be a good fit, or you want to talk to me to see if I am the right organizer for you, call me.

We’re doing soul work here, not just fitting in more stuff and making it look pretty. I work with you as you go through your things and figure out how it got this way and learn how to change the way you’ve been living. Call me if you’re ready to change your life and you want someone to help you do that. For that, I am absolutely the right organizer for you.

Do I need a personal organizer or interior decorator/designer?

If you have too much stuff and there’s some or a lot of it you don’t want, you need an organizer first. Spending money on furniture, organizing products, or a remodel so you can fit things you don’t actually want or need is a waste. If you do need someone who can take you to trade stores, find custom fabrics, and create a design board, you might need an interior designer, but beyond decluttering, there are many ways to organize and space plan that don’t require an interior designer.

You might think you need to hire a home decorator for those rooms that just don’t feel right no matter how hard you try. But with just a few changes and significantly less money, you and I can likely change the flow of a room to finally give you the feeling you have been wanting. With my knowledge and experience in space planning, Feng Shui, color consulting, and design, I can help you create a space that feels the way you want it to feel without spending thousands of dollars on an interior designer.

Can’t I just read a book?

Organizing book FAQYou can read a book. You probably already have. And watched organizing shows or read magazines. Sometimes people get really inspired by a book or other general organizing advice. That’s a wonderful thing. The problem is that usually that initial wave of inspiration doesn’t last, or you are trying to make yourself fit into someone else’s system rather than working customize a system for you and your needs. Also, books don’t sit with you and provide moral support, ask you questions, or take things to be donated after your session. That’s likely why you’re looking at my website, hoping you can find some help books haven’t offered you.

spaceWise Organizing FAQ

How do you work?

  1. You call me to tell me about what you need and ask me questions.
  2. I send you a questionnaire to get more details.
  3. We have an initial consult and tour of your house and I write up a summary of your organizing challenges, goals, and areas that need organizing.
  4. We schedule organizing sessions that last from 3 – 5 hours (usually 4) to declutter, organize, and design your space. Some people want to see me once a week, once every other week, or once a month. Some people have me help with one room and others want help with their whole house. I’ll meet with you as often as you’d like, for as many rooms as you’d like. I’m here to help you do it in the way that works best for your schedule, budget, and energy.

How long will it take to organize my house/closet/life?

That depends largely on you. Some people need a lot of help letting go of things. Others start decluttering one room with me and get inspired to do five more on their own. There is no standard amount of time any room or home takes. You may have a wall closet or a walk-in, a 1,500 square foot house or 5,000 square feet to organize. During the decluttering, organizing, design, and maintenance steps, certain parts of the process may go very quickly and others may take longer. We can take as much or as little time as you need.

Will you throw away my prized possessions?

Never. I will teach you organizing techniques so you can decide what you want or need to keep–what serves your life now–and do the emotional work to help you let go of the rest.

Do your services include closet systems or other storage products?

Nope. I am not affiliated with any closet, basket, or other product companies. That means I can recommend what’s best for you without trying to get a commission or sell you something. I create a Pinterest board for each client so that you can easily access any recommendations or resources I share with you.

Policy FAQ

Do you have a minimum number of hours per appointment?

There is a three hour minimum per appointment after the initial consultation. Most clients choose four or five-hour sessions to make the most of every session.

What is your service area?

I work in South and SW Austin, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, and Buda.  If you are outside my regular service area, I charge my hourly rate for any travel time over 30 minutes in each direction. Give me your address and we’ll figure something out.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations with less than a 24-hour notice will be charged for the session.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Payment is due at the time of service. I accept cash and checks.

FAQ about Getting Started

What can I do to prepare for your visit?

For the initial consultation, please don’t do anything. I need to see your house in its natural state. After we meet the first time, I’ll give you a prep list so that you can do as much (or as little) cleaning, decluttering, and other work before our next session as you’d like.

Do I need to purchase organizing supplies before we start organizing?

The time to shop comes after we’ve decluttered and found “a place for everything.” Then we’ll know what type, size, or system you’ll need. I can recommend products based on your family’s taste and budget. I can also do the shopping for you at my hourly rate.

How do I get started?

Contact Me

To set up a free consultation or for more information, contact me by email or call 512-591-8129.