During the COVID-19 epidemic, spaceWise is exclusively offering virtual services.

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spaceWise Can Help You With:

How Does It Work?

  1. You call or email to discuss your organizing needs.
  2. I send you a simple questionnaire to get more details.
  3. We have an initial consultation and tour of your space.
  4. I send you a written summary including your organizing challenges, goals, and areas.
  5. We schedule sessions to help you meet your organizing goals
  6. After our sessions, I send an email with follow-up tasks. This may include To Do and To Buy lists and a link to a Pinterest board I create with products and resources customized for you.

Session Length: Sessions are via phone or Zoom and can be 1 – 3 hours long with optional 15-minute accountability check-ins in between.

Frequency: We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Ultimately, our goal is to go fast enough to stay on track and make progress, and slow enough so it feels manageable and maintainable. I’m here to help you do it in the way that works best for your schedule, budget, and energy.

Scope: Some people have me help with one room and others want help with space, time, and systems. We’ll get clear on your organizing goals and prioritize what needs to happen to get you there.

Finishing: As we go, I’ll teach you organizing strategies and we’ll create systems specifically for you. People tell me they know they don’t need me anymore when they ask me a question in their head, hear my voice answering them, and don’t need to call me to figure it out because they know what to do themselves. My goal is to help you know how to be organized without me.

Cost: $100/hour, pro-rated for accountability check-ins.

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I will teach you techniques for how to decide what to let go, and we’ll create systems so the clutter doesn’t build back up. You’ll learn how to create your own criteria for when you want to get rid of things rather than following arbitrary rules.


Whatever you need, we can:

During this step, we’ll identify what kinds of storage, furniture, or other organizing items you may need and we will re-purpose what you’ve already got. I will create a Pinterest board for you with recommendations and resources so that you can access them easily and add your own research as we collaborate.

Find out more about how virtual organizing works here.

Design & Styling

You can create a more beautiful and functional space without custom furnishings and an entire redesign. It can be as simple as arranging furniture for optimum flow and function and changing paint colors.

Sometimes your home needs more than an organizing and design fix. If you’re thinking of a new build or remodel, I can help you. Find out more about my remodel planning services.

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