So, you thought you were going to be on spring break this week, going to work, or otherwise living life as usual, and instead you’re practicing social distancing and trying to figure out what to do about food? You are not alone. Check out the five tips below for how to plan your food while social distancing.

1. Figure Out What You Have

woman looking in pantry to take food inventory while social distancingWhile practicing social distancing, you can’t just run out to the store for one or two items and the likelihood that the ingredients may not be available means that we need to put a lot more thought into groceries and meal planning. The place to start is to take inventory of what you have right now.

2. Figure Out What You Need

3. Get Cooking

4. Connect with Others

One of the things most people I’ve talked to are having a hard time with is the feeling of isolation. Instead of social distancing, practice distant socializing.

Trade recipes by email or social media.

5. Create a Meal Planning System

While social distancing likely means you can’t utilize your full menu or grocery shop as you normally would, the extra time at home offers the opportunity to create a meal plan. I’ve got blog posts about the steps you can take to make meal planning easier.

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5 Responses

  1. Starting off with what you have might even be an eye opener. I think I know what I have, but unloading the shelves and taking a look in the light of day has alerted me to some items I had forgotten. Including some old beer in our downstairs fridge, which I used yesterday to make bread (which came out great!) Terrific tips!

  2. I went grocery shopping this morning and it wasn’t as bad an experience as I expected. Other customers kept their distance; some even wore gloves or masks. Unlike the last time I shopped (March 13), the checkout lines were short and they had tape on the floor to show us where to stand. And I got everything on my list, not always my preferred brands, but I can definitely live with that.

  3. It’s just me and my husband, so we shop once a week and since staying at home we mostly just need fresh fruits and vegetables and a few other things each trip. I’m doing a lot more cooking, but that’s mostly out of boredom. It’s a creative outlet for me and I now have time to do it.

  4. I really enjoyed this piece because I’ve done so much cooking over the last few weeks. I really liked what you said about being creative because that’s what we have to do right now. I’m trying to use everything up and even make enough for leftovers. ( I used all our remaining vegetables tonight for a big pot of soup.)
    I guess my kitchen is pretty well stocked because I was looking online for a natural face scrub and I have all the ingredients in the cabinet. That was a fun surprise!

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