Photo of Sonya FeherHi. I’m Sonya Feher and I’m happy that you’re here.

A Little About Me

I spent quite a few years feeling like everyone else had gotten a rulebook for life that I was missing. I earned college degrees, got professional jobs, married, bought a house, had a kid. All those external milestones that are supposed to mean life is good. Life didn’t feel good. The things I thought were supposed to make me happy just didn’t. First, I started by organizing my house. The piles, the toddler toys and clothes, and overall clutter. I found a place for everything until every room in the house could be picked up in fifteen minutes or less. Calm space, calm mind. That helped. Then, in 2010, I committed to writing a blog post about happiness every day of that year as I researched happiness and tried to figure out what would make me happy. Three weeks into the year, my then-husband asked for a divorce. We had a three-year-old. As we separated and put the house on the market, I looked for daycares. That year, I wrote over 300 posts about happiness. I signed the divorce papers on the trunk of the car at the end of our now four-year-old’s birthday party. That month, I opened spaceWise to help women, creatives, and solopreneurs let go of what no longer serves them and create space for the lives they want, just as I did. For the last ten+ years, I have helped people organize their homes, their time, and their small businesses — their whole lives. Anytime someone asks for help with another aspect of their life, I use all of the things I learned to make my life better and happier to help other people organize their lives and be happier too. Maybe you.

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My Books

Space for Gratitude: The 6-Minute Journal for Increased Happiness, Gratitude, & Self-Understanding Space for Happiness: A Day & Night Gratitude Journal with Happiness Tools.

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