Hi. I'm Sonya.

I became an organizer and coach both by luck and design. 

I wasn’t always organized, but I knew my life would be better if I could learn to be. I took every organization and time management training any job ever offered, plus all sorts of reading and training on my own. I managed to be organized enough to function. Then I had a kid. 

Depending on the day, the object of my frantic search changed, but the chaos of my home was overwhelming. I systematically applied all of my knowledge using a new strategy. I stopped trying to be a different person and started creating solutions for who I was rather than for my fantasy perfect self. Years of learning finally came to fruition. I t changed my home and my life.

Fast forward a couple of years. It was 2010 and I was facilitating a workshop and one of the participants sent out an email asking if anyone could help her organize her papers. I replied, “I’m great at organizing! Hire me.” She did and spaceWise was born. 

The irony was that even though I’d previously had a hard time organizing myself, in my work, I could always see how things could work better, create systems, and help others to be more organized. Now I was doing it in my own business.

From the outset, spaceWise worked on so much more than the physical “stuff.” When I helped clients discover how to keep what served them and let go of the rest, we were getting to what was fundamentally important to them, to what was missing, and to what enough would feel like. I went from organizing space, to time, to systems. In 2017, I also began training professional organizers around the world to launch and run their own businesses. In 2018, I began offering happiness groups for women. Then, in 2019, my first gratitude journal was published with the second in the series out in 2020

Combining organizing and coaching, I help my clients get to enough
– a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, comfort, completeness – the life they want and their purpose for being here.  

I feel so lucky to be living my purpose and love being able to help my clients do the same. 

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Why Choose Me

Austin's Best Home Organizers

Named one of Austin's Best Home Organizers for the last six years running: 2017 - 2022.

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I have over 30 years experience as a certified teacher, am an award-winning Center Director and Director of Education for Sylan Learning Center and use those skills to teach my clients whatever their learning style.

Life Coach

Certified Six Human Needs Coach offering Strategic Intervention and life coaching.

Happiness Expert

Author of Space for Gratitude and Space for Happiness (with next book coming soon). I also run a Facebook group that’s now full of 100s of women learning how to be happy.

Business Coach

Train organizers around the world as Mindset & Accountability Coach and head of the Insider program.

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Hi. I’m Sonya Feher and I’m happy that you’re here.

A Little About Me

I spent quite a few years feeling like everyone else had gotten a rulebook for life that I was missing. I earned college degrees, got professional jobs, married, bought a house, had a kid. All those external milestones that are supposed to mean life is good. Life didn’t feel good. The things I thought were supposed to make me happy just didn’t. First, I started by organizing my house. The piles, the toddler toys and clothes, and overall clutter. I found a place for everything until every room in the house could be picked up in fifteen minutes or less. Calm space, calm mind. That helped. Then, in 2010, I committed to writing a blog post about happiness every day of that year as I researched happiness and tried to figure out what would make me happy. Three weeks into the year, my then-husband asked for a divorce. We had a three-year-old. As we separated and put the house on the market, I looked for daycares. That year, I wrote over 300 posts about happiness. I signed the divorce papers on the trunk of the car at the end of our now four-year-old’s birthday party. That month, I opened spaceWise to help women, creatives, and solopreneurs let go of what no longer serves them and create space for the lives they want, just as I did. For the last ten+ years, I have helped people organize their homes, their time, and their small businesses — their whole lives. Anytime someone asks for help with another aspect of their life, I use all of the things I learned to make my life better and happier to help other people organize their lives and be happier too. Maybe you.

Contact Me

Contact me to tell me about what kind of help you need, ask me any questions you have, or just to see if we’re a good fit. Learn more about me on LinkedIn

My Books

Space for Gratitude: The 6-Minute Journal for Increased Happiness, Gratitude, & Self-Understanding Space for Happiness: A Day & Night Gratitude Journal with Happiness Tools.

Hear More About Me & My Work

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Named one of Austin’s Best Home Organizers by Expertise.com 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 10 Austin Organizing Businesses To Help You Have A Serene Home (And Keep It That Way)