One in, one out is one of my favorite organizing principles. What does one in, one out mean?  For every one thing you bring into your house, you should move one out. It’s a great way of maintaining your space once you’ve decluttered. It’s also a great strategy for getting your home to the stage you’d like to maintain, meaning you have space to breathe, to move, and to store what you have without cramming anything anywhere.

One In, One Out for the Holidays

Cube bookcase with toys and booksThe holidays are a great time to start practicing one in, one out.  The gifts that inundate your house with more, more, more can be more stressful than joyful.

Help ease the strain on your space by making room for what might come in. Consider what areas are most likely to get more full over the holidays.

Kids’ Rooms

Kids’ rooms are often full of

  1. Toys that your kids aren’t playing with.
  2. Clothes that don’t fit
  3. Books that were for a younger stage.

Strategies to Teach Kids to Let Go

This is a great time of year to teach kids how to let go. There are multiple strategies for this.

Help Yourself Let Go

Other Areas to Cull

Practice one in, one out beyond kids’ rooms. Start with holiday decorations and gift wrap. Let go of those things you don’t use or that are broken. Consider presents the adults may get (or buy for themselves) at this time of year. To keep clothes from being stuffed, empty some drawers or closet space. Let go of some of your books to free up shelf space. I posted last month about how to prep your pantry for cooking holidays. You might look in some other kitchen cabinets to consider dishes, serving pieces, appliances, and utensils you don’t want or need. If you’re buying a new set of mixing bowls, get rid of that stained, chipped, or dented set.

One In, One Out After the Holidays

If you don’t get a chance to cull before the gifts come in, use the one in, one out principle as your rule for keeping the gifts. Let go of one thing for every one that comes in. Ask yourself if you really want more stuff, or if what you’d really like is more space. Keep what you love, what you’ll use. Keep one wonderful thing and get rid of one not-so-wonderful thing. It’s simple: one in, one out. Happy culling. and happy holidays!

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