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Organize Your Closet in Three Simple Steps

Organized closet

Organize Your Closet in Three Simple Steps

A disorganized closet starts and ends your day badly. You can’t find what you need. It seems like you have a lot of clothes because the closet is full, but if they don’t fit, aren’t in good condition, or can’t be worn in this season, then you end up feeling like you have nothing to wear even when you do.

You could do a full closet overhaul, but it’s not necessary to do it all at once. Organizing your closet can be a step-by-step, do-it-as-you-can process. These three simple steps will help you organize

It may not be realistic for you to spend a whole weekend taking everything out of your closet and trying it all on. Then you’d separate clothes into trash, donate, and keep piles. After that, you’d need to buy drawers and bins and put everything back in. Instead, you might want to organize your closet a little bit at a time.

Here are three tricks to organize your closet gradually so you can get it working for you without making organizing your closet a huge job.

1. Organize clothes by category and color

Put like with like–long sleeve shirts together and then line them up by color from dark to light: black, purple, blue, red, etc. This way, when you’re looking for your burgundy pants, you spend less time looking. This also helps you figure out where the holes and the excesses are in your wardrobe. Doing this will make it clear if really do need to shop for some jeans but you could go the rest of the decade without buying another black T-shirt.

You could take all the clothes out of the closet and put them back in by type, or if you’re doing this more gradually, you could just move around your sections and color coordinate as you’re putting away your clean laundry.

2. Get hangers that match

They don’t have to be fancy, but get hangers that are the same color and style. Why? If the hangers all look alike, then the eye stops registering them and you can focus on what you actually want to be looking at–your clothes.

3. Create a Give Away Bin

Rather than waiting until you swap out clothes for a new season, keep a bin or basket in the closet so you have a place to put your giveaways anytime you figure out you don’t like, fit into, or ever wear something. You can use the same bin for all family members or use one for each so they’re easier to sort and give away later. Definitely put your kids’ clothes in the bins too so that as they outgrow them, the clothes move out of rotation and you’re not giving your child the frustration of picking out his clothes only to hear he’s not allowed to wear those capris that used to be pants.

When the bin is full, go through it to make sure nothing has ended up in there accidentally. If you want to save anything like kids’ clothes you’ll pass on to a friend or keep for your younger one, store them in a bin of kids’ clothes separated by size.

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