Grocery shopping is an activity most people do more frequently than they’d like. Every time you end up at the store without your list or forget to put an ingredient on the list in the first place, you lose time. Multiple trips to the store make it more likely that you’ll spend more money too. These strategies for organized grocery shopping will help you save time, money, and frustration.

organized grocery shopping
Printable grocery list

Organized Grocery Shopping

Make an Organized Grocery List

Choose the Best Time to Shop

Put Your Coupons Where You Need Them

Shop at Different Stores Infrequently

Checkout by Category

Put categories of things like medicine or produce  together in your cart and on the conveyor belt at checkout. Bagging like items together makes for easier unloading when you get home.

Consider Shopping Services to Help

Shopping services can provide help when you have a busy week, get sick, need some last minute ingredients, or just don’t like shopping. Here are a couple  nationwide services, but you may be able to find other local services to do your shopping for you.

Once you’ve got your meal list, make your menus, and do your grocery shopping, you’re ready for the next step in your household food chain: food preparation.

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