Organize your spices to make your kitchen easier to use. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have $20,000 to remodel your kitchen to have organized kitchen cabinets and drawers. In fact, one of the most inexpensive and easy to accomplish organizing projects in the kitchen is to create a spice drawer.

Why would you want a spice drawer?

  1. You can see all the spice labels and find them easily.Organized spices
  2. You can organize your spices. Organize them into categories like baking spices, Mexican, Indian, or Italian. Or you can alphabetize them.
  3. You can reach all of your spices from your stove, rather than having to walk to the pantry. This is the Proximity of Use principal in organizing. Store it where you use it.
  4. Spice drawers use space more efficiently than cabinet spice racks. They don’t make it hard to close the cabinet door like door racks do. Pull-down spice racks for cabinets often don’t take up the width of the cabinet, meaning they leave wasted space on either side of the rack, If you try to store things on the side of the rack, the ability to use the pull down feature is hindered.
  5. The spices aren’t out on your counters or kitchen walls getting the jars splattered with oil or things bubbling on the stove.
  6. Your kitchen looks cleaner because you’re not storing items out in the open.
  7. If you get spice drawer inserts, you can fit all sorts of different sized spice jars so you don’t have to switch out your spice containers and label new ones (though that can be fun and beautiful).
  8. Installation of spice drawer inserts is easy. You just drop them in. There’s no drilling. If you want to rearrange your kitchen later, you can easily move the spices and rack without having to uninstall anything.

Types of Spice Drawer Inserts

Spice drawer insertSpice drawer inserts come in many types: tiered, flat, wire, plastic, wood, expensive and inexpensive. The ones I recommend are the VARIERA spice drawer inserts from IKEA, which are only $3.99 each.  They are plastic with rubber swirls that keep your spice bottles in place. They’re easy to install; you just place them in your drawer. They’re also super easy to clean. You just wipe them down.

Measure your drawers to see how many inserts will fit width-wise and to ensure that the inserts will fit into the length of your drawer. The VARIERA are 3 7/8″ by 19″. You might even leave a couple of inches alongside the inserts for canned spices like cinnamon or black pepper, or for a bottle of extract.

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