Hemingway's writing desk
Hemingway’s writing desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many writers find it less distracting to write in coffee shops where the conversation, music, and barista steaming milk aren’t nearly as loud as the to do list, dishes in the kitchen, or voices in their head if they stay home. A writing space can be inspiring and productive–or it can keep us from writing. Give yourself permission to take time and space to unleash your creativity by creating a writing room of your own.

What’s the secret? Creatives don’t use the same organizing skills taught for the mainstream.

Learn How to Create an Inspiring & Productive Writing Space

I can help. On January 19th, from 1-4 p.m., I’ll be teaching a class how to organize a writing space to fuel your imagination and limit distractions.  To register for How to Create an Inspiring Writer’s Haven or find out more, click here

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