In-Person or Virtual Organizing & Design for Your Home

spaceWise Can Help You With:

How Does It Work?

  1. Call or email to discuss your organizing needs.
  2. I send you a simple questionnaire to get more details.
  3. We have an initial consultation and tour of your house and I write up a summary of your organizing challenges, goals, and areas that need organizing.
  4. We schedule in-person or virtual organizing sessions to declutter, organize, and design your space. Some people want to see me once a week, once every other week, or once a month. Some people have me help with one room and others want help with their whole house. I’ll meet with you as often as you’d like, for as many rooms as you’d like. I’m here to help you do it in the way that works best for your schedule, budget, and energy.

Ready to get started?


home organizing: spaceWise craft room with Elfa shelvingI will teach you techniques for how to decide what to keep and let go, and we’ll create systems so the clutter doesn’t build back up. We can focus on one thing (papers, toys, the garage) or go through your whole house.  I provide moral support, hands-on help with lifting and moving. I also drop off donations, recycling, and hazardous waste.


Whatever you need, we can:

  • Create systems that work for you rather than changing you to fit a system (why just reading a book doesn’t help long-term),
  • Get rooms to the point where they can be picked up in 10 minutes or less,
  • Make rooms more functional and beautiful, and
  • Let everyone know where things go so you don’t have to be the clean-up police.

During this step, we’ll identify what kinds of storage, furniture, or other organizing items you may need and we will re-purpose what you’ve already got. I will create a Pinterest board for you with recommendations and resources so that you can access them easily and add your own research as we collaborate.

Design & Styling

You can create more beautiful and functional space without custom furnishings and an entire redesign. It can be as simple as arranging furniture for optimum flow and function and changing paint colors.

Sometimes your home needs more than an organizing and design fix. If you’re thinking of a new build or remodel, I can help you. Find out more about my remodel planning services.

Ready for a Free Consultation?

Call 512-591-8129 or contact me by email and let’s talk about how I can help.