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Photo of Sonya Feher of spaceWise CoachingWhether you want support with one particular area, or you’re looking at your whole life and feeling like it’s not what you want, spaceWise Coaching will help you define the life you want so you can take steps to have that life. Want to see if we’re a good fit? Contact me for a free consult call.

Coaching Services

I work with women in their 30s to 60s to help them define and create the life they want.We can focus on a particular area of your life, like your time, happiness, or business, or we look at your whole life.

Have you done all the things you thought were supposed to for a good life, but you still don’t feel happy? Are you launching or operating a business and wanting to be sure you stay true to yourself and your mission so your days are spent doing something fulfilling and lucrative? Are you a parent who has been so focused on taking care of your kids that you’re not sure who you are outside the family?

You may be following rules you’re not conscious of and that you may not even agree with. Our coaching sessions will help you become conscious of the rules you’re living by so you can choose which ones to follow and rewrite the ones that don’t serve you. Ultimately, our work together will help you define the life you want and take the steps to get there.


I offer tele-coaching via phone or Zoom. How long and how often our sessions are will depend on what you need. Some sessions might be for an hour and others 15-minute accountability check-ins. We’ll meet virtually so there’s no need to fight traffic or even be in the same town. I’ll serve as your support and accountability partner. I’ll also be your person to talk through things with so you can find clarity and determine action steps.

In-Person Happiness Groups

I lead happiness groups for women. We meet monthly in South Austin to offer each other support and accountability as we explore what happiness means to each of us and learn how to be happy. You’ll define happiness for yourself, but you won’t have to get there alone. The next Space for Happiness group begins in January 2020. Click here to learn more and register.

Online Happiness Course

Coming soon. Stay tuned for more information or contact me to hear more when the course is ready to launch.

Time Management Coaching

If you know you’d like to start coaching by focusing on time management, you might like to learn more about my timeWise Coaching package.

Contact Me To Get Started

If you’d like to learn more about spaceWise coaching, contact me by email or call 512-591-8129 for more information or to schedule coaching sessions.