Organizing Photo Test

When I do phone consultations with clients, they’ll often send me photos of the room we’re working on. A consultation yesterday reminded me of an organizing strategy I should share with you.

So you’ve finished organizing something. It could be your closet, your office, or the tools in your garage. Try the organizing photo test. Take a picture of what you’ve just organized and look at the photo. It doesn’t need to be a fancy camera and you don’t need to print it out. Just use your camera phone and look at the photo on your screen, or upload it to your computer so the bigger version can help you see more detail. Notice how I’m saying the bigger version, even though looking at a photo is much smaller than the real life area you just took a picture of?

What looked organized to the naked eye often doesn’t look so finished in a photo. You’ll be able to see the detail of the desk, the bookcase, the file cabinet and see what work there still is to do. You can get so used to seeing the dead plant in the corner that it’s not until you see it in a photo that you remember it’s there.

The organizing photo test is also a great design test. Should that chair go in front of the window or create a conversation area with the couch? Take a picture. You’ll see if the room looks off balance, if there’s enough light, and whether one color is taking over a room.

Not sure if you’re done with a decluttering, organizing, or design project? Photo test it.

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