Pricing for Organizing & Coaching Services

Phone Consultation – Complementary

This 15-minute phone consultation will give you the opportunity to describe your organizing challenges and goals and ask me any questions you may have. Ultimately, this is where we figure out if we’re a good for each other and make a plan to get started.

On-site Consultation: $125

Before we schedule our initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out and send a questionnaire giving me more details about what you need. Then I’ll come tour your home or business so we can decide together what the priorities are and what order we’ll work in. Based on that meeting, I’ll follow up with a written evaluation outlining your organizing challenges, areas, and goals. You will review to make sure I understand what you need and you can send me any questions, additions, or corrections.

Organizing: $75/hour

I can declutter, organize, and design with you, for you, or advise you so that you can work on your own. Most jobs include a combination of all three. Organizing sessions include follow-up emails with to-dos, shopping lists, questions for next time, and Pinterest boards with recommendations and resources.

Remodel Planning: $100/hour

Remodel planning time can be in-person, office time, or meeting with your remodel team. It might include taking inventory and measurements in your home,  drawing plans, reviewing blueprints, going to build meetings or cabinet makers, or talking through any questions or issues relating to your remodel.

Working with Sonya was the best investment I've made in our house since we moved in 5 years ago! She helped me, room-by-room, eliminate clutter and create order. It was wonderful. She is calm, supportive, non-judgmental, and very kind. She's also practical, and willing to ask tough questions. She really helped me to see that I was hanging onto things that weren't bringing me happiness. I still hear her voice in my head when I look at an area of my house that has accumulated clutter. 'Does it make you happy? What would it be like to let it go?' My house feels lighter and brighter after Sonya's time here, and I will definitely call upon her again in the future."

Amy N

Amy N

Time Management Coaching

spaceWise offers professional time management coaching via email and Skype.

timeWise Starter Package: $500

A coaching package designed to help you take a time inventory, set priorities, eliminate time wasters, and identify resources.

  • Time & Goals Inventory
  • 2 weeks of email support to clarify goals
  • Monthly and weekly planner pages PDF
  • 1 hour coaching call
  • Schedule review and refinement
  • Summary with schedule needs and recommendations
  • 30 minute coaching call

Ongoing coaching support with weekly or bi-weekly Skype sessions $100/hr.

Ongoing Time Management Coaching: $100/hour

Help with any of the following that apply to your needs:

  • Assess your planner and calendars.
  • Survey your to do lists – what’s on them and what’s not getting done.
  • Implement a system to make time for your priority activities.
  • Review your mail, bill paying, and filing set up.
  • Refine the “landing strip” of your home or business so you can easily put away and find what comes into and leaves your home.
  • Create systems for home management including meal prep, cleaning, and staying organized.
  • Block out time for exercise, self-care, creativity, social connection, and personal growth.
  • And whatever else you need…

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