Remodel planning helps you consider what you own, what you want to do in the space, and how you want things to function so that your remodel gives you the house you want.

Why Plan Your Remodel with a Home Organizer?

Architects, builders, and designers deal with a house or rooms when they’re empty. As an organizer, I’m in the kitchens, closets, entryways, and garages when they’re full and not functioning. Adding square footage and storage does not mean a house will work better. Remodel planning considers who will live in the house, how you’ll live, and what is used and stored there.

What Is Remodel Planning?

Remodel plan for a woman's closetDepending on where you are in the process, we may do any or all of the following:

I’m here to help with all of your remodel planning needs.

When Should We Work Together?

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