resolution get organizedWhen do you start making a big change? Are you waiting for January to make your resolution? Maybe it’s just for a Monday so you can be at the start of a week. Or it’s Saturday because you can’t get going until the weekend. It could be your birthday, the first day of next month, or it could perpetually be tomorrow. You’ll get organized, get your house together, your car cleaned out, your schedule under control tomorrow.

Why not now? What would you need to do right now to feel more organized? For many of my clients, it’s getting control of the paper coming into their homes. It could be that you’re always looking for your keys. Maybe it’s bigger. Maybe your life feels out of control and you get to the end of each day with the feeling that your to do list is endless and you crossed off less today than you added. Your resolution this year might be to feel happier and less stressed.

Start with just one resolution

I want you to pick just one thing. Hang a hook on your wall for your keys or put a bowl for everyone’s keys on a table near your front door. Call the 800 numbers on the back of all those catalogs and ask to be removed from the mailing list. Pick the lowest hanging fruit–meaning the most reachable fix–and just do that one thing.

That might sound too easy.

Or it may be that hanging a hook feels like such a small problem when you look at your house and don’t see one space that feels okay. Make your bed.  Then your bed becomes one clean spot, one job done, one place to rest, or one space where you can sit down with a notebook and write down all of the other things you want to get organized.

If it helps, you can write a list for each room or a list of categories because you might have books on the dining table, next to the bed, in the living room, your kid’s room, and the bathroom. Once you’ve got your list of things you’d like to organize, you can start thinking about all the organizing steps like purging, donating, getting things stored near where you use them, proper storage, and more. See how that list can feel overwhelming really quickly?

It doesn’t have to. Just pick one thing and stick with it until it’s done. Start with the bed. Then the keys. Papers are good so you can keep your credit intact and avoid late fees. How do you get organized? One item, one category, one surface, one system, one room at a time.

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