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Image by Simply Mint

So, it’s January 2nd, the day after many of us write our resolutions for how to make this year better than the last one. One of the most common resolutions on many people’s lists is to get organized. At the end of the year, getting organized is often still on the list, possibly with some new bins or baskets in the house or a closet cleaned out, but the elusive goal of organization is still not accomplished.

Why not? Is getting organized really that hard?

It is if you haven’t defined what organized actually looks like to you. Does it mean you don’t have papers piled on your kitchen counter? Or that you don’t have to search for your keys every time you leave the house? Or that your kids’ toys are put away instead of scattered across the living room and the bedroom?

One of my favorite organizing moments with a client was walking into her family’s office and finding a to do list tacked to the wall. At the top of the list was Get Organized. My client said the list had been there for five years.

She was finally doing it–getting organized–with me! But it didn’t need to take five years. So how do you get SMART about getting organized?

Organize one thing at a time whether it’s a room, a routine, or the cause of conflict in your household.

Will accomplishing that goal get you to the point where you could cross Get Organized off your list? No, probably not. But figuring out where your organizing challenges are and organizing one area of your life at a time will mean that getting organized doesn’t have to be on your list for the next five years. As one area gets organized, it may help you organize something else. For instance, now that you’ve got a place for keys and coats, you might figure out that you’d like a table or file boxes for incoming and outgoing mail.

Clutter is contagious, but so is calm. Once you start organizing, you’ll find that just as the disorganization spread throughout your rooms or your calendar, so will the organization. And, if you figure out you need some help getting there, call in a professional. spaceWise can help you prioritize where organizing can offer you the greatest relief and how to tackle all those organizing goals in a manageable (and, well, organized) manner.

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