Clear the clutter.

Stop the chaos.

Create SPACE for you.

Do You Want to Get (& Stay) Organized but Worry 

You’re Just Not an Organized Person and Never Can Be?

The way to get and stay organized is to create solutions for your real (not your ideal) self.

You simply haven’t known HOW.

The great news is…

Organizing is a skill you can learn and I can teach you.

Why declutter and organize NOW?

You're ready for your life to change

Since 2020, we’ve been asking more from our houses than we used to. If you were disorganized before, you’ve been living IN the chaos. Any illusion you had about getting organized if you only had more time or were home more is gone.

Or you want to stop feeling disappointed in yourself

You want to stop paying to replace things you've lost, being late, fighting with your piles, or seeing a job to do in every direction. You want to learn how people like you get and stay organized without having to change who they are to do it.

Maybe you simply want a home that supports instead of drains you

You're tired of looking around and seeing a job in every direction. You want to relax, have fun, be productive, or have people over without without clearing off surfaces or rearranging piles first. You want SPACE for you and the life you want.

Nice to Meet You!

Hi. I’m Sonya Fehér.

I’ll be your organizer and coach!

For over a decade as a professional organizer, I’ve helped families, creatives, and solopreneurs organize in ways that work for who they are (not who they wish they were). But I have not always been organized. 

I always made piles, and those had changed throughout my life. The piles kept me from finding what I needed, from leaving the house or getting anywhere on time, and from getting things done. Sound familiar?

Being disorganized caused school and work failures, made me disappointed in myself, and held me back time and time again. The tipping point came when I was home with my toddler surrounded by diapers, toys, and endless laundry. With hands balled into fists, my shoulders so tight they had crept up near my ears, and a lump at the back of my throat that was only going to disappear with crying or yelling, I was so tired of living this way. My home was causing anxiety.

I spent the next two years creating a method that would make space for the messy, creative, passionate busy person that so many of us are. Who knew that would turn into starting a professional organizing business in 2010, being named one of the best home organizers in Austin for the last five years running, and being hired to train professional organizers worldwide?!?

It turns out that not being naturally organized is a great gift. I know exactly how my clients feel and what they’re struggling with, so I can help them create solutions for who they really are and systems they can maintain so that they get (and stay) organized. I can help you do that too.

Introducing: SPACE for You,
Home Decluttering & Organizing course


This may look like a lot, but don’t get overwhelmed. I’ve got you.

I’ve designed the course so that it’s got short videos an step-by-step guides so you know exactly know what to do next. 

While some courses only offer 6 modules, I just couldn’t bring myself to give you half the rooms you need help with and leave you wondering about how to handle the others.

Space for You has 12. They’ll be released each Monday starting October 25th so that you get one manageable step and room at a time — starting with the entryway since that’s where you enter your home and going through the house with rooms that build your skills so you’re ready for the next projects.

Module 1:
Get Started

& With WHO You Are

Module 2:

Declutter Any Space
by Creating Your Own Criteria

Module 3:
A Place for Everything

How to Choose the Place
Where Everything Should Go

Module 4:

Create an Easy In, 
Easy Out Entryway

Module 5:

Start & End Your Day
with Easy Access to What You Need

Module 6: Bedrooms (Primary, Kids, & Guest)

Give Yourself a Relaxing Retreat

Module 7:

Organize Your Closets
& Maximize Your Storage​

Module 8:
Kitchen & Pantry​

Make Your Kitchen & Pantry
Easy to Use & Simple to Maintain​

Module 9:
Living & Playrooms

Create Clutter-Free
Common Rooms

Module 10:
Office & Paper​

Find What’s Important – 
Paper, Mail, Bills, & Office Supplies

Module 11:
Utility Rooms​

Optimize Your Laundry,
Garage, & Storage Areas

Module 12:
Staying Organized

Set Up Systems You Can & Will Maintain


When you join before our official course launch on Monday October 25th, 

you will receive the Calm Space, Calm Mind Bonus Pack:

The Instant Action Declutter Guide gives you a quick and easy way to declutter any space or category of items in your home. We’ll dive into much more detail on decluttering in Module 2 and you can use this tool to help support you anytime you declutter. But you don’t have to wait to get started. Print out your declutter guide and start today!


Calm Space, Calm Mind Guided Meditation audio. You can listen to this downloadable audio meditation before an organizing session, in the middle of decluttering — if you need to take a break and re-center, or anytime you’d like some grounding and support.


Live Q&A Calls: As part of your bonus for joining now, you have access to six monthly live Q&A calls (a value of $600 in coaching).  You can submit questions before the call about anything related to your organizing journey, whether it’s a specific space you want help with, a container recommendation, or handling mindset and overwhelm. If you can’t make the live call, it’s no problem. I’ll still answer your question and you can watch the recorded replay. 

I am in the business of creating content that creates results. If you are not completely satisfied with the content and the potential impact it will have in your life, I will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops.  Just send me an email.


“In short—wow! This is not just about cleaning out closets and organizing the junk drawer. Sonya takes a holistic view of how our organization (or lack of it!) can impact our lives.”
Jamie I.
“Sonya is a miracle worker! Everything in my house has a home, and every space has a function. My family knows how to clean up and put their items away now! I feel happy again in my home.”
Sarah B
“Sonya makes something that feels so daunting into a relatively easy and even enjoyable job.“ ​
Patricia J
Sonya was the best investment I've made in our house since we moved in 5 years ago! She helped me, room-by-room, eliminate clutter and create order. It really helped me to see that I was hanging onto things that weren't bringing me happiness. I still hear her voice in my head when I look at an area of my house that has accumulated clutter. 'Does it make you happy? What would it be like to let it go?'
Amy N.
“Sonya's true talent is in how she understands both the needs and struggles of people tackling areas of clutter and disorganization. She helped me see how addressing organization issues is not just about stuff, but about an approach to living.”
tracy a.
What Disorganization Costs You

You may not have been paying for a professional organizer, but being disorganized is probably costing you more than getting help would — not just in money, but in productivity, health, and more. Did you know that spending time in a cluttered and chaotic kitchen may cause us to double the amount of calories we consume? Or that on average we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. That’s over 8,700 hours looking for lost or misplaced things!

Consider how much cash you spend eating out or dumping rotten food from the fridge because you just can’t deal with the kitchen. Late fees, replacing lost items, therapy because your partner or kid’s mess is stressing you out… all really add up. And that doesn’t even touch the direct costs of storage units or unusable space in your home. You’re paying to house your clutter. Those bins, baskets, or furniture that you bought hoping that if you just had the right container, the problem would be fixed… yeah, those are costing you too.

What about the things you do to escape your home? Coworking, a spa-day, restaturants all offer a quick fix but don’t solve the problem.

What You Could Be Spending

In-Person Organizing Help

  • Beginning Organizer = $50/hour + Time
  • Seasoned Organizer (me) = $100/hour
  • Average length session: 3 – 5 hours
  • Pantry: 4 – 8 hours
  • Kitchen: 6 – 10 hours
  • Primary Closet: 3 – 12 hours
  • Garage: 6 – 12 hours
  • Bedroom: 3 – 5 hours
  • Kids Room & Playroom: 3 – 8 hours

Current Costs

  • Time | Sleep | Peace of Mind
  • Replacement cost for lost things
  • Escapes / Band-Aids
  • Storage – In home & out
  • Furniture & bins that don’t work
  • Late fees & damaged credit
  • Eating out & rotted food
  • Therapy, housekeepers, helpers
  • Health costs & medicine


Make an investment in yourself and your home by getting the support and tools you need to calm your space and your mind. Join me.

SPACE for You

Home Decluttering & Organizing Course


One-time Payment

Short videos to watch anytime you have a few minutes.

Entryway s Bathroom 
Bedroom s Closet 
Kitchen & Pantry 
Room s Playroom  
Office & Paper 

s Garage

You provide the binder (or keep it digital) and I provide the tools to help you step-by-step.

Short easy-to-use guides to keep you on track.  

Re-use storage you have or learn what you might need, plus how to measure and choose storage solutions.

Storage containers and furniture to buy and where to get it for every room in the house.

Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual strategies to maintain your organization in a way that works for you.

Helps you remember all the steps to achieve your goals.

Share your organizing journey and get support, inspiration, and accountability.

Work at your own pace. Revisit modules as needed.

The ultimate checklist so you can declutter, one category or area at a time – and always have an easy place to start. 

An audio guided meditation you can listen to anytime you need to calm and center.

Submit your questions and get live feedback in monthly one-hour group coaching calls for six months.

Enroll by October 24th to claim all of your special bonuses!

Frequently asked questions

You will receive an email confirming your registration and giving you a course login. You will be able to access the course platform within 24 hours of registering. You can then login anytime at https://sonyafeher.thinkific.com/courses/spaceforyou. The course officially launches Monday, October 25th so your first module will go live in the portal on that day. 

You will then receive a new module each Monday for the next twelve weeks.

Each module begins with a video training you’ll need to complete that step. Each project also includes downloadable tools and templates that you’ll use to create an organizing workbook (digital and printable).

Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to the course so you can refer to it as often as you need to.

Absolutely. If you hired someone to come in to give you a consultation and tell you how to organize, you’d be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But Space for You allows you to learn the information you need to know to organize your home in a way that meets the unique needs of your household AND develop the skills and habits to keep it that way, for much, much less.

Plus, you’ll probably be able to pay for the course with the money you won’t have to spend replacing things you can’t find or buying storage solutions that don’t work for you.

We design for that – if you can’t make it, you can submit a question in advance or post your work to get feedback. You’ll get your answers and/or feedback in the recording if you’re not able to attend. All sessions are recorded and posted to the course portal within 24 hours (and it’s usually the same day).

We are in the business of creating courses that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your life, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops. Just send us an email to support@spacewiseorganizing.com.

We’d love to help! Shoot us as an email at support@spacewiseorganizing.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

Create SPACE for you.