shed your stuffJulie Morgenstern is the author of many books on organizing. SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck takes organizing outside of the realm of just physical clutter. Besides one’s belongings, SHED looks at schedules and habits that act as clutter. The entire book focuses on people ready to make a huge change in their lives. Morgenstern guides readers through major overhauls in their lives in order to get to their next stage, or to even figure out what that next stage should be.

In order to get to the stages, Morgenstern has her clients pick a theme for themselves and go through the four step SHED process

The steps include case studies with examples of themes, items that people chose as treasures and trash, how people found and embraced their identities and experimented with new things in order to find their new lives.

Do I recommend this book? Sure. It has some helpful information and examples. Though I personally could not use her checklists and picking an entry or a theme felt like a false construct, the ideas are good ones. I would just choose to execute them differently. I find that true with many books on organizing. Hard and fast rules–like getting rid of 80-90% of your belongings, habit, etc.–don’t take an individual’s particular situation into enough consideration. But if you can read the book, taking the advice that’s helpful and passing over what’s not, you can find some things here you would not read in a typical book on organizing. That makes it worth a read, in my opinion.


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