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Since 2003, I have taught families, individuals, creatives, business owners, and organizations to create systems, get organized, and live happily. I welcome the opportunity to speak for your organization, group, or event and can customize the topic and content to your needs. Check out some of my popular topics below.
Sonya Feher at the front of a room speaking to a group.

Talks & Workshops

Calm Space, Calm Mind

Clutter is contagious, and so is calm. This workshop teaches you ways to clear the clutter in your home, office, schedule, and to-do list so your life is more organized and spacious. You’ll learn simple strategies to keep what serves you and let go of the rest. 

Anxiety & Stress Management for Women

This workshop offers practical strategies for identifying, managing and reducing anxiety and stress with simple techniques you can use now.

  • Embodied practices for relieving anxiety
  • Mindfulness techniques to identify anxiety triggers and interrupt catastrophic thinking
  • Happiness tools to increase well-being
  • Strategies for what to cut out, what to add in, so you can go about your day with less anxiety and stress

Happy at Home

Four primary things affect your happiness at home: 

  • the spaces themselves
  • the systems/routines you do (or don’t) have
  • people in the household
  • the activities you do (or don’t) there

We’ll discuss how you can impact all four, and where and how to start.

Get timeWise

Time management impacts how your life works or doesn’t. Your time is like your space. There’s only so much of it and it can get so cluttered you can’t get to what’s most important. Learn strategies to make time for what you really care about and create space for how you want to live.

Organized Kids

Teach your kids to clean up and be organized without a fight. Learn fun and non-stressful ways to teach your kids how to let things go, organize what they have, and use their space so that it’s easy to tidy and use.

Organized Meal Planning

This workshop will help you simplify meal planning and preparation so that you can save time and money, waste less food, and take control of your food choices and health.

We’ll cover with all of the steps of meal planning including: 

  • lists of possible meals
  • recipes
  • menus (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
  • grocery shopping
  • meal preparation

Speaking & Workshop Requests

Select a topic from the list above or request a customized presentation for your group or event.

Client Testimonials

On behalf of the Prime Timers, I want to express our thanks for your wonderful presentation. You were such a big hit! You were the perfect combination of information coupled with passion. The feedback was admiring and the comments ranged from "excellent presentation” to “a totally worthwhile experience." You presented so many valuable strategies. Afterwards, friends and I were discussing how to implement them in our lives--questioning our reasons for saving things. Thank you for sharing your time and information and enthusiasm with us. You’ll be a tough act to follow!
Juanita Josel
“Sonya is a gifted professional organizer AND speaker! I attended one of her presentations and found the information to be thorough, useful, and practical. I immediately implemented some of her ideas and have been quite pleased with the results. If you are looking for someone to support you in your space or inspire a group of people interested in streamlining their lives, consider hiring Sonya. You will be so glad you did.”
Dr. Michelle Bronik-Natinsky
“Sonya did a wonderful job leading a ‘Lunch and Learn’ on home organization for my work team! Rather than giving a generic presentation, she took time in advance to survey our team, to get a thorough understanding of what their home organization needs and questions were, then tailored her presentation from there. The presentation itself was extremely engaging and informative, and following the presentation, she provided great resources for our team to help them continue their home organization journeys. Furthermore, Sonya was friendly and responsive from beginning to end, making the planning and coordination of the presentation very simple on our end."
Tara Straight
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