Organizing workshops are a great way to learn techniques quickly and take home strategies you can apply on your own.

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Organizing WorkshopSince 2003, I have taught families, individuals, creatives, business owners, and organizations to create systems, get organized, and live happily. I would be happy to speak to your group and can customize the topic and content to your needs. Check out some of my popular workshop topics below.

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Popular Workshops:

Clutter is contagious, but so is calm. This workshop will teach you ways to clear the clutter in your home, office, schedule, and to-do list so your life is more organized and spacious. When you’re busy, it’s easy for clutter to build up, not just in paper piles or belongings that need to be purged, but in your schedules with appointments, errands, and other commitments that are time wasters rather than priority activities. The place that can become most cluttered is your mind. To dos spin around and get tangled up with long-term goals, regrets, and the details of day-to-day life. In the simple strategies to notice the clutter and clear the chaos so you can focus on what’s important and let go of the rest.

Time management impacts how your life works or doesn’t. Time is just like space. There’s only so much of it and it gets so cluttered you can’t get to what’s most important. Learn strategies to make time for what you really care about and create space for how you want to live.

Consider the four things that affect your happiness at home: the spaces themselves, the systems/routines you do (or don’t) have set up, people in the household, and the activities you do (or don’t) there. We’ll discuss how you can impact all four, and where and how to start.

Learn fun and non-stressful ways to teach your kids how to let things go, organize what they have, and use their space so that it’s easy to clean up and use.

Whether your fridge is empty, you bought the groceries but they rotted before you could prepare them, or you’re just stuck in a rut and want to mix it up, this workshop will help with all of the steps of meal planning and preparation including meal lists, recipes, menus, grocery shopping, and meal prep.

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