December Gratitude Challenge

How are you doing this holiday season? It’s a quick jump from Thanksgiving — being grateful and saying thanks — to Black Friday and Cyber Monday where the message from everywhere is to shop and consume. As an organizer, I can tell you, that consumption adds up to a lot of clutter. That’s why I […]

Make a Multipurpose Guest Room

Could your guest room have a vacancy sign posted outside? Guest rooms often remain empty for months of the year even as people are searching for usable space in their homes. Don’t limit your guest room to guests only. It’s in your house and you can use it the 48 – 50 weeks of the […]

Get Ready for the Holidays with One In, One Out

One in, one out is one of my favorite organizing principles. What does one in, one out mean?  For every one thing you bring into your house, you should move one out. It’s a great way of maintaining your space once you’ve decluttered. It’s also a great strategy for getting your home to the stage […]

Get Your Guest Room Organized

The holidays make it more likely that guests will come to visit. Your guest room may only be used two weeks a year, but winter break probably makes up at least one of the weeks, with summer holding court for the other. Get your guest room guest ready for your upcoming visitors with these handy lists. […]

Declutter Your Books

Why? They’re heavy. They collect dust. They’re hard to move. And probably, most of the books on your shelves aren’t books you’ve read in a while. In fact, you’re likely to not ever read them again. Bookshelves are like galleries. People look at our titles and can tell something about us.  Yet, most bookcases say […]

Where Do I Get Rid of …?

So you’ve gone through all of your stuff and created a donations pile.  Where can it go? When you’ve got a whole lot to donate at once, I recommend giving to one charity that can take as much of what you’re giving away as possible. You’ve already done the work of sorting through everything to clear […]

Canvas Pocket Organizers for Any Area

Canvas pocket organizers are one of my favorite organizing tools. You can use them in any closet for things you might never have imagined! You’re probably thinking shoes or sweaters. Those are definitely the most typical uses and canvas organizers are great for those, but they work to help organize entryways, kids’ rooms, craft supplies, […]

Try This: Organize Your Earrings

Organizing earrings doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Many jewelry boxes and displays don’t have enough space for a large earring collection, so you end up putting more than one pair in each section and still have to dig through. Maybe you’ve got the perfect jewelry box but it’s not expandable so your […]

Create an Inspiring & Productive Writing Space

Many writers find it less distracting to write in coffee shops where the conversation, music, and barista steaming milk aren’t nearly as loud as the to do list, dishes in the kitchen, or voices in their head if they stay home. A writing space can be inspiring and productive–or it can keep us from writing. […]

To Keep or Not To Keep?

Decluttering is simple in theory. Then we start going through our stuff and find it’s not so easy after all. We give all sorts of reasons to keep things even if they no longer fit our life. So how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? As you go through […]