How to Plan Your Food While Social Distancing

an empty and a full pantry separated by planning while social distancing

So, you thought you were going to be on spring break this week, going to work, or otherwise living life as usual, and instead you’re practicing social distancing and trying to figure out what to do about food? You are not alone. Check out the five tips below for how to plan your food while […]

Menu Planning to Make Your Food Prep Easier

Menu planning is a great strategy for making the most of your time and money. A menu keeps you from throwing away food you bought, but never had time to prep. It also helps you put together a variety of meals to please your palate. Before you sit down to plan your menu, you’ll want […]

Make A Meal List

We eat all of the time. Multiple times. Every day. But how many of us have a meal list to remind us what we like to eat and keep us out of a food rut? Five Reasons to Organize Your Meal Planning Without some systems around meals, you waste money, time, and food. How? It’s hard […]