When you’re already overwhelmed with your busy schedule and the clutter in your house keeps you from being able to relax at home, organizing is often the item on your to do list that you want to do the least.

If your house is driving you crazy, you’re fighting paper piles, the laundry is stacked up waiting to be dealt with even when it’s clean, or you have any of the myriad other organizing and decluttering dilemmas my clients complain about, it’s worth it to take time off to organize.

Maybe that means a vacation day (or three) from work. Maybe it’s a weekend the kids play with their grandparents or you do a childcare swap with friends so you have totally dedicated time to organize.

You’ll get the time back quickly in the five minutes a day you don’t have to look for your keys or the two hours you won’t spend fighting with your child to clean up his room when it’s so full of toys there’s no easy place to put things away.

I was just talking to a client who has more vacation days at work than he’ll ever use. Another client took a day off this week so he could work on his organizing priorities list. Taking time off to organize likely won’t feel like a vacation as you’re doing it but the investment pays off so much more than spending $1400 for a week in Cancun or the Catskills.

At the end of a regular vacation, you have to come back to your house and all the stuff that lives in it. At the end of an organizing vacation, you have a house that you actually want to come home to

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