Summer offers both challenges and opportunities for helping teach kids to be organized.

Last week I wrote about how to create a Summer Fun Board  that will mean your kids have more fun than they could ever write about in a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” essay. You can do more this summer than plan fun activities.

Use Summer to Teach Kids to Be Organized

The end of the school year means a huge influx of worksheets, journals, artwork and other papers are coming home. Don’t make the decisions yourself about what to keep or throw away. Teach your child how to categorize, prioritize and choose. Set up piles for shred, keep, or hang up, For more tips, read my article about how to Organize School Papers.

Organize Art Work

Art work will make up one of the big piles you may have left after going through all of those papers. Your home may not have enough space to house it all. Even if it does, you might like some other decoration besides kids’ art. So, how can you display your child’s art? Create a Transition Gallery.

After you’ve created a Transition Gallery, you may have a plethora of paper you and/or your child want to keep. But where? What do you do with it all? Here are 20 Ideas for What to Do with Kids’ Papers & Art.

Create Organizing Habits

Summer is a great time to work with kids on things that are too much in the long days of the school year. You can create practices  for organizing, cleaning, and being responsible for oneself. Those good habits will carry into the school year. First, figure out what you want your kids to do for themselves and write Checklists for Kids so they’ll have a guide to help them remember. The checklists you’ll create for summer might include putting dirty clothes away, brushing teeth, and watering the garden, while school year checklists will have homework, backpacks, and the like.

Teach Kids to Clean Up

When kids are in the house so much more, they’re likely making even more messes! When we begin working together, many of my clients complain about how disorganized and messy their kids are. However, it’s not fair to blame the kids if no one has taught and consistently expected them to be organized and clean up. They need our help to learn how to do these things. Teach Kids to Clean Up.

One way to help kids keep their rooms clean is to make sure they’re not overstuffed with toys, clothes, and books. Institute a One In, One Out policy for your whole family.

If you would like some help teaching your kids (or you) to be organized, call Sonya at spaceWise to get started – 512-591-8129. 

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