Use Pinterest to Organize Nine Ways

I recently discovered an amazing tool for working with my organizing clients: Pinterest group boards.  If you’re not doing it already, use Pinterest to organize.

Whether you’re currently working on an organizing or design project or you’re making a wish list for the future, I highly recommend that you add Pinterest to your planning tools. If you’re working with an organizing or design professional, an architect or handyman, Pinterest may just be your project’s new best friend.

Just start a new board and invite anyone who will be involved with the project to pin. You can create a public or secret board depending on whether you want others to be able to see all of your project ideas, price quotes, descriptions, and the like.

For those of you who are already on Pinterest, skip to the tips for how to use Pinterest to organize. For those of you who aren’t on Pinterest yet or who are on it but keep feeling afraid it may take you down the rabbit hole of time stealing distractions, please read on.

Pinterest lets you pin images that will link back to their original websites. So rather than having random links in a document or on your bookmarks bar, you can see the photo that inspired you in the first place. You can read the description of your pin to recall more detail. You can click from that pin to the original website so you can order products, read how-to’s, and more. Plus, you can see all of your ideas on a virtual design board so it’s possible to tell what will work together and what won’t.

9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Organize & Design:


  1. Products you might like to buy
  2. Photos of rooms that inspire you or that you’d like to use design elements from
  3. Furniture you might put in the room
  4. Color schemes like a paint color, throw pillow, furniture, or artwork
  5. People you might need to hire for your project
  6. How-to directions for DIY projects
  7. Articles with tips or other information related to your project
  8. Include details in the description of the pin: price, message, question, how you’re thinking of using it
  9. Invite others to pin so you can share ideas virtually and look at the board together to discuss solutions
from The Container Store
from The Container Store

Most recently, I’ve been using Pinterest with a client to reorganize and design her laundry room. It’s not one of the rooms people necessarily have on the top of their remodeling list, so seeing lots of ideas about color, closets vs. shelves, and how to incorporate things like a drying rack or laundry basket storage was fast and easy on Pinterest.

I made an Organized Laundry board with all the resources I liked and then pinned some of those to my client’s board along with the specific products I was recommending and the different ideas we could compare. Then we had a conference call and designed her room. In fact, she just described doing laundry as a dream. Who would ever imagine that?

Her organizing project happened so much faster with the help of Pinterest and included ideas that would have been overwhelming to cull together anywhere else.

If you’re looking for some organizing ideas, feel free to check the boards I’ve already got going. Maybe they’ll inspire your next project or help with one you’re already working on.

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